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The Windermere flying boat factory is one of the least recorded elements of World War II aviation history.
Short Brothers, who were based at Rochester in Kent, needed to expand production but, because of the risk of bombing in the south of England, the two new buildings planned for their Seaplane Works on the Medway, were contructed on the shores of Windermere instead.

Short Sunderland over Rochester

Aircraft production was started even before the factory was completed and 35 aircraft were built between 1942 and 1944. The factory was then converted to specialise in the repair and conversion of battle damaged and worn out aircraft and at least a further 25 airframes were refurbished.

Windermere has had a long history of connections to aviation. The first flight from water in the UK took place in 1911 from Windermere. The Lakes Flying School was where Short Brothers chief test pilot John Lankester Parker earned his wings and the lake was used for flying training by the RNAS during World War I.

Early aircraft on Windermere 1912

This website records some of the history of the factory, its aircaft and the people who worked there.


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