The Aircraft

There were 35 Short Sunderlands built at Windermere. The contracts were issued in two batches: DP176 to DP200 and EJ149 to EJ158.
A very brief history of each aircraft is recorded here together with photographs where it has been possible to trace them.

Panelling the fuselage

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DP Series:
DP176; DP17
7; DP178; DP179; DP180;
DP181; DP182; DP183; DP184; DP185;
DP186; DP187; DP188; DP189; DP190;
DP191; DP192; DP193; DP194; DP195;
DP196; DP197; DP198; DP199; DP200.

EJ Series
EJ149; EJ150; EJ151; EJ152; EJ153;
EJ154; EJ155; EJ156; EJ157; EJ158.

In addition, a number of aircraft visited Windermere for repair and conversion work - for details see here.

Engine Nacelle

The research is continuing and photographs are still being sought for the following aircraft:

DP178 - DP184 - DP186 - DP187 - DP189
DP190 - DP193 - DP194 - DP196 - DP197
EJ149 - EJ151 - EJ152 - EJ154 - EJ157

If you can help with any photos of the above aircraft - or indeed, any Windermere built aircraft, we would love to hear from you

Can you help?
This project aims to find out as much as possible about the Windermere factory and its aircraft. In particular, we would like to trace a photograph of every one of the 35 aircraft. If you can help with photographs, information, or indeed if you flew in one of the Windermere built aircraft then please get in touch. (Click here for e-mail)

Even if you have any other original photographs of other Sunderlands or other flying boats then we would also be interested. They will be shared with a colleague who has been researching into Sunderlands for many years. It might be possible in the future to make a comprehemsive website recording the history of all 749 Sunderlands.